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Pet Services July 5, 2011

Here are the services I’m currently offering for pet owners.  I have put a ballpark figure of how much I might expect next to each service, but these are not definite prices.  Depending on what each person needs, these could fluctuate either up or down.  I would also be willing to negotiate prices if there is a need.  If you want more than one service at a time, such as training as well as dog walking, the price will go up, but it will not be the sum of the two–again, each situation is unique.  Also, if interested, I would be willing to do price packaging for people interested in daily/weekly services.


-Dog Walking/Play: Have you found your dogs have become too boisterous? Are they disrupting the neighborhood with barking, digging holes, chewing everything in site, and generally causing disturbances? It’s likely they have energy to burn, and I’d be happy to help them work it off. Willing to tailor needs to breed/age/personality of each dog and am happy to hear suggestions on what each dog loves best.  $10 per hour for one dog.


-Pet Sitting: All pet types welcome from mammals, to birds, to reptiles (including snakes). Again, willing to work out time requirements for each specific animal–dogs obviously need more time whereas turtles less, so prices will vary depending on situation. This can include anything from simply feeding the animal, to cage cleaning, to daily walks and play time.  Just feeding anywhere $5-10 a day depending on animals, extra needs will add more.


-Pet Grooming:  I’m happy to lend a hand if you’re needing a simple wash and brush. I’m also willing to work on hair problems such as mattes and de-shedding, but I will likely take  longer than a business specializing in grooming.  Also, I would be willing to work on mattes on cats, but no promises of success.  Depending on the dog, I’m also willing to work on cleaning ears, trimming hair, as well as trimming nails.  This service most benefits people who are currently unable to wash their dog or take them to a groomer easily. Anywhere between $10-50 depending on needs and dog (size and breed).


-Pet Portraits: I am a mainly self-taught artist, but I’ve had some reasonably successful pieces of art.  Because of this, I’d like to offer my services for pet portraits. I know many people want something to remember their lost loved ones and I would love to help out. I can also do people portraits if there is an interest.  This price will vary wildly depending on requests, but I will put a starter price at $50.


-Dog Training: I would love to help you with training your puppy or dog with simple commands and tricks, such as walking well on a lead, sitting and dropping on command, and better recall. Depending on the situation I might suggest you call a professional behaviorist/trainer who would be more suited to help your needs.  $15 per hour for young puppy, $20 and up for older dogs.


-Rescues: If you find an abandoned, injured, or sick animal whether wild or domestic, you can notify me and I will come and collect it if I’m available.  OR if you see a snake in your yard and you want it gone, please call me as well and I will remove it for a small fee (PLEASE don’t kill snakes, besides my personal feelings on the matter, more people are injured each year by snakes they try to kill than by those that are left alone).  I’m not a certified rescue or animal control official, but if there is no other option for the animal, please feel free to call me.