Molly of all Trades: Here to Help YOU

A small, from-home business aimed for helping families in all walks of life.

Family Services July 5, 2011

Here are the services I’m currently offering for individuals and families.  I have put a ballpark figure of how much I might expect next to each service, but these are not definite prices.  Depending on what each person needs, these could fluctuate either up or down.  I would also be willing to negotiate prices if there is a need.  If you want more than one service at a time, such as tutoring as well as child care, the price will go up, but it will not be the sum of the two–again, each situation is unique.  Also, if interested, I would be willing to do price packaging for people interested in daily/weekly services.


-Tutoring: For a year I worked as a tutor for primary school children with math, and had great success and compliments from parents. Even though I have no direct experience, I’d be happy to help with reading and writing as well for younger children as it was always one of my stronger subjects. I would also be willing to tutor high school students, but it would depend on the subjects involved. $10 per hour for one subject and one child.


-Child Carer: I’ve had many different positions for child care over the years from just watching children after school, to being a day long nanny, as well as a few years as a camp counselor. I would be willing to do various lengths of child care from all day to only a few hours a day, as well as flexible schedules depending on your needs.  $12 per hour for one child, $5 for each additional child


-House Upkeep/Sitting: Whether your going out of town for awhile or you’ve found yourself in a situation where you can’t quite keep on top of the house work, I would be willing to come over and help. General cleaning, checking the mail, mowing (if there is a mower to use), general gardening, as well as any help around the house that I’m capable of.  $5 for just mail pick up per week (depending on travel distance), each additional duty would be added on top, with price depending on the extent of work needed.


-Simple Tech Support: I’m a self-taught tech geek that is willing to help out with all sorts of home electronics, from fixing broken equipment to teaching how to use new gadgets and programs, I’m happy to help out with it all. However, some issues I will not be able to fix, and I will not make you pay for my visit.  Repairing/optimising electronics $20 an hour, electronic tutoring $10 an hour.  If new parts are needed, I will advise you on well priced stores where you can purchase replacements and I will then install them.


**Notice** I do not currently hold a Blue Card because I’m originally from the US where it is not a requirement.  I am working on getting approved for my Blue Card.