Molly of all Trades: Here to Help YOU

A small, from-home business aimed for helping families in all walks of life.

Contact Me July 5, 2011

I currently live in the Douglas suburb of Townsville, which is where my “business” is located.  All travel will be to and from this area, so if you’re in far distant suburbs there may be a slight increase in price because of travel distance.  I apologize for this inconvenience, I hope to remove this travel fee in the future.

I will not be giving out my address over the internet, if there is ever a need for someone to know my address they will need to get in contact with me before I give it out.

Methods of Contact:

Phone: 0415140961  **I am currently out of the country until the 22nd of July, so email is preferred method of contact till I return.

If you’re wishing to call me about regular services and scheduling, please call between the hours of 8am and 6pm.  If there is an emergency at a house I am watching or an animal needing rescue you may call at any hour, but please only for urgent matters.

Email: — You can contact me directly through this email or you can fill out the contact form below, whichever is your preference.